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Hello, and thank-you for visiting Shuttleworth Exhaust Systems.

As a family owned and operated business, we take great pride in building on our company's nearly 60 years of experience and innovation manufacturing after-market mufflers and exhaust and air-intake components for the heavy-duty industry in North America.

We proudly manufacture in North America with 80,000 sq ft of combined capacity in London Ontario Canada and Reno, Nevada USA. All of our components and accessories are sourced from only among the industry’s best suppliers that meet our standards for quality and performance.

We offer the following heavy-duty air-flow and specialty products and services:

• Mufflers including comprehensive crossover programs and complete custom design/fabrication services for any size system or application

• Exhaust and air-intake tubing, elbows, clamps and accessories

• Complex tube bending, elbows and components for specialty applications with a wide range of sizes in cold rolled, aluminized and stainless steel

• Distribution of the latest Catalytic and DPF exhaust technologies including custom integration into muffler systems/casings

Our hands-on approach to managing our business and working directly alongside our team of professionals supports our relentless commitment to providing high quality products, competitive pricing and Exceptional Customer Service.

This focus will always be essential to how we run our company and it is this focus that has helped us to foster a strong partnership with many of our customers ranging from some of the largest consumers of after-market air-flow systems in North America and beyond as well as a wide range of small businesses and independent jobbers.

I am confident that we can help you with your heavy-duty needs and it would be my personal pleasure to work with you.

Please, feel free to give me call to discuss how we can help.

Dean Bilodeau (C.E.T.)
President & CEO
Shuttleworth Exhaust Systems
1-800-835-3831 or 519-657-5823

Dean Bilodeau (C.E.T.)
President & CEO

– Shuttleworth Exhaust Systems

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